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Design Adaptation Evolution and Managment of Native XML


DaemonX is a framework for modeling and evolution processing by modeling. With this tool you can create mapping between different models and then thanks mapping rules edit one model which changes will be applied to other model. DaemonX is the framework, individual models and individual mappings and evolution processing of changes between pair of models are plug-ins to the framework.

Version DaemonX 1.0.1 contains modeling plug-ins for:
  • PIM model, PSM Databases, PSM UML Class and States diagrams, PSM XML, PIM process (BPMN)
and evolution plugins:
  • PIM to PSM Databases, PIM to PSM XML, PSM XML to PIM


  • DaemonX 1.0.1 - the current stable version
  • DaemonX 1.1.c - the version with the module for the support of integrity constraints in UCL.


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